Still Reeling


It’s really hard not to climb under a rock right now. With every idiotic tweet Trump puts out and every act of violence reported and probably distorted, I just want to hide. Throw into the mix personal things that so many of us appear to be dealing with and it makes it doubly difficult.

For the first time in just about forever, I have stopped writing. Nothing really makes sense right now. I want to put positive energy out into the world. I want to say (and believe) everything is going to be alright. I want to give the world as a whole a big hug and feel better. Convince everyone that we can do this!

Then I try to do something as simple as send a photo from my phone to my computer so that I can use it in this post, and it just keeps not showing up in my email. It is so frustrating that it feels symbolic of everything that is going on right now. Nothing and no one is showing up! And maybe that’s the point. Maybe it really is up to each of us to dig deep, push away our sorrow both personal and political, whatever your believes, and just make a concerted effort to fill the world with kindness.


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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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One Response to Still Reeling

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Things are weird of late, but I’d blame the mainstream media for most of negativity and uncertainty that so many are feeling. I no longer read any newspapers. CNN and MSNBC are absurd in the false and distorted reporting they do. I feel a lot of optimism, but then I sometimes feel that I’m speaking a different language than what many are speaking these days.

    Expect the worse and that’s probably what you’ll end up with.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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