Anxiety is going to be the death of us all! Today is the first day of school for many people, and all that I know are borderline psychotic about it. The stress level is off the charts, and I don’t get it. When did school become this huge pressure cooker?

I hated school a plenty, but at least the first day was filled with excitement. Granted, by high school it was probably mixed with a little anxiety, but now a days even my 28 year old niece is nervous and overly anxious about a course she is beginning. Both of my daughters, as well as my niece, are getting A’s, and have been for awhile. They are intelligent, beautiful people who should be able to breeze through this.

I sincerely wonder if a part of the problem isn’t all of the reality TV that theses guys have grown up with. After all, they have watched as lives have been recorded and dissected in a manner that simply did not exist fifteen years ago. Now, not only are they bombarded by this, but I think they feed off of the drama. A theory that makes at least one of my daughters annoyed and insulted. If that’s not it though, then what the heck is it?    


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  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Are young people really watching all of the reality TV? I don’t really know, but if they are it’s sad that they’d be watching other people live their lives while they neglect to live their own. During my high school years I guess I watched a fair amount of television, but it was almost all escapist fare.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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