I Want to Fly

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There are days when I go on Facebook and hate everything about it, but then there are other days when it inspires me to keep going. I saw the above picture tonight and silly as it sounds, it spoke to me. At a time when I was feeling the urge to scream out”Is anybody listening?” I saw this quote and knew this is why I keep asking for help and promoting my books in the ways that I do. It’s because I believe that anything is possible. I believe I can soar, and that just because I have yet to be discovered by the masses, it can still happen. For all I know the person with the ability to change my fate could be reading one of my books this very second. So despite sometimes feeling ignored or invisible, tonight I choose to be hopeful. Tonight I know that I have the ability to fly.


About bridgetstraub

Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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2 Responses to I Want to Fly

  1. I took a little facebook break but had to come back because you can’t just show up for book promoting. You have to already be there. Sigh. I scroll through really fast now, and I feel like I have some discipline about not lingering too long. One of my daydreams if I had won that gajilion dollar poweball was to shine some spotlight on my self publishing friends.
    P.S. I bought your book when you first announced. I just haven’t read it yet but you know I will 😉

    • Thanks Kenya! I start to feel as though all I do on Facebook is promote and after a while people just stop listening & yet I want the books to be read. It’s crazy! Let me know when the next Christopher Chronicles comes out & I’ll do a post about it.

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