All Alone

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Strange as it might seem, I have never lived alone. That is until this week. I came back up to my sister, Megan’s to see Tessa of course, but also to watch my Megan’s dog, Jessie, while her owners are in Arizona enjoying a family vacation. Tessa is back at school now and I am here all by myself. It’s kind of boring.

The plan was for me to edit my next novel, Beyond the Cracks, and with that in mind I asked Megan to read it before she left. I wanted her to let me know of any mistakes I might have missed or areas where it could use more filling out. She said she found no mistakes and liked it just as it is. Well, that’s great, but it made for a very quick edit. Now I am left with nothing to do.

Jessie has an injured shoulder so she is even more mellow than usual. She has always been a bit of a gentle giant. She just wants to be pet a lot. My nephew has also left his very pregnant lab, Syd, with me who is sweet as can be, but every time I go outside she wants to crawl into my lap. We are talking a very solid dog with a lot of puppies inside. She weighs a ton!

So here I sit on day three of six days alone with nothing to do. I have several other novels I could be completing but I’m not ready to move on from Beyond the Cracks just yet. I really enjoyed writing this one. It explores issues of faith and owning your past, and will hopefully strike a chord with readers.

Of course what I should be doing is figuring out how I am going to promote this book in some way other than all of the ways I have so far promoted my other books. As soon as I get the text back from my brilliant formatter I’ll be looking for reviews, so let me know if you’d be interested in reading Beyond the Cracks. Oooh I know, I need to work on my blurb!


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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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