Time to Choose

highwire_2a (2) reduced

highwire_3 (2) reducedIt’s that time again, the new book covers are here! At least the first attempts. I have to say, I love creating my own book covers, and I love each of  the ones I have gone with in the past. Still, I worry that maybe they aren’t grabbing the viewers. Its hard to be objective, and then you become self-critical. So I am turning to you. Your opinions are important. Which of these covers would you go with?

highwire_2 (2) reduced


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Author, Artist & Mom. First novel "Searching for My Wand" was published in December 2011
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7 Responses to Time to Choose

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Wow, this is kind of tough. I prefer the colors of the first, though the picture comes off a bit dark.

    The second is kind of a cool design though the front cover lettering does not stand out much, but the back cover blurb is far more readable for my sense of vision.

    Aesthetically speaking I think all things considered I prefer the third version. The over all background cover is pleasing and the skewing of the illustration and the words of the title and author name create a sense of movement, excitement, and viewer involvement.

    They all are very good though and any would be appealing to a customer I think. You do some nice work with cover creation.

    And reading the blurb I think I’d like this story more than the Marny Ottweiller one. These sound like characters with whom I might better relate.

    Your new journey is exciting. I admire your writing persistence. This is what success is made of.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. Laura Hall says:

    I like the first and third best. The dark blue seems to make the image pop more. I think I like the off-kilter aspect of the third one best. It grabs you because it’s not what you expect

  3. As you know I did this a couple months ago and I almost wished I hadn’t because given a choice you get all kinds of answers and opinions that make it all the more difficult. I know we can’t make our covers personal and/or go with the details that make the most sense to us or that appeal to us the most but I think you should go with your gut. That said, I’m voting for the first one. So between the three of us that doesn’t make your job any easier does it. 😉 Looking forward to the next Bridget Straub!

  4. I think I’m going to be the outlier. I liked the second cover the best. It has a nice multi-color effect to make it stand out. (Also, if your book goes for a lighter tone in terms of voice, it would work well.) The title, while not being uniquely formatted, is easy to spot at the top of the cover. Go with your gut instinct, though!

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